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A Letter from Our Directors

By The Westerville United FC Directors, 12/01/17, 5:00PM EST



"This past fall season was a successful season.  Not because of winning or losing records, trophies & tournaments won, or anything along those lines, BUT rather a season full of learning and development.  To see the growth of our athletes, coaching staff and club in general is an incredible to be part of!  Since Westerville United FC started in 2013, we have grown quickly; including:
  • 8 teams/coaches ---> 14 teams/22 coaches
  • 75 families ---> 180 families
  • 3 directors ---> 5 directors and 2 club admins
  • 1 Buckeye Premier team ---> 8 strong BPL teams ( w/ multiple league champions)
  • Our NEW Westerville United FC Youth Development Academy (w/ over 40 athletes ages 5-8 years old)
Those stats are not exciting because of quantity but rather the growth of our program due to a philosophy/ideal we believe in: "The development of a club soccer program in Westerville that not only competes with the strongest clubs in Central Ohio but more importantly develops a philosophy of playing intelligent soccer while promoting a strong focus on athletic and ethical character; in our athletes, teams and coaching staff."  Ever since the club started, we have been dedicated to setting Westerville United FC apart from our peers by focusing on developing intelligent athletes and teams (as opposed to focusing solely on the "fastest and strongest" athletes).  Athleticism is important but athletes able to critically think and solve soccer's constant technical and tactical challenges are more encouraged!
This philosophy of soccer development is considered one of the most difficult to coach but the end result it truly beautiful to watch.  Starting at age 5 (with our Westerville United FC Youth Academy) through our senior teams, we will continue to promote a constant mindset of keeping the ball at all costs.  Our style of soccer will require athletes to actively problem solve, be technically proficient, and patient with the ball BUT teams & athletes that fully embrace this style of soccer will be better prepared for their HS, college and potentially professional futures. 
This style CAN BE ACHIEVED but only if teams, athletes, families and coaches are educated AND embrace the philosophy fully.  We promote this ideal with our teams by taking a different approach than many clubs including:
Club wide US Sanctioned futsal winter leagues (vs.  typical "indoor soccer" with walls that handicap development)
•  Professional preseason, in-season and winter team training
•  Professional goalkeeping program year-round (optional for many clubs)
Mentorship programs (older athletes assistant coaching younger teams to promote education) and much more!
Our approach to coaching philosophy is summed up in the quote below (and example of possession given in the video as well):
"If you want your team to play a possession based style,
it takes a lot of time, patience, and 100% confidence in what you're doing
because there will be difficult times ahead, mistakes made, and some goals conceded."



Success is not only reserved for the soccer field BUT more so as human beings.   We actively push our athletes and teams to be professional in all aspects; ranging from attendance at practice to shaking their coach's hands to their interaction with parents, teammates and opponents.  Soccer is an incredible tool to teach life through and we recognize the opportunity we have to develop future leaders in each of our athletes.

Just like with our athletes, our club will continue to grow and improve.  There will be learning curves and lessons taught over the years;  high and lows to appreciate for educational and memory sake.   Those growing moments and lesson will be the catalysts for improvement; our athletes, coaching staff and club all included.
In summary, we want your athletes (and families) to be proud to put on the uniform of Westerville United FC.  We will continue to educate our teams, athletes, and coaching staff; striving to improve in many different aspects.  We recognize that US Soccer will be going through changes in the near future and we want to be one of the bright spots actively working to change the future for US Soccer.  One athlete at a time.
We can not express how thankful we are for each of our Westerville United FC families' support throughout the season and are humbled to have the opportunity to play a part in your child's development; as a soccer player and person.  If you ever have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact one of us!