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Is Westerville United FC For You?

Player development is the heart and soul of the Westerville United Football Club. Starting with our Youth Development Academy, our highly trained, professional coaches teach eager children the sport of soccer and begin the process of player and team development.

As children grow and become better able to participate in more stringent training and competition, our coaches increase the depth and frequency of training and continue the process of player development by teaching the technical and tactical aspects of soccer along with the understanding of team play “for the good of soccer.”

By high school, our players, in many cases, have played years of competitive soccer and are well qualified for starting positions on their high school teams. They know and love the sport, they bring to the pitch an excellent work ethic and they are team players.

We not only develop our athletes to succeed during their club and high school careers, but more importantly prepare them for their college years; both as a student AND athlete.

For those children interested in soccer and willing to give themselves a push, Westerville United FC is the right club. Like anything worth having, hard work, commitment and excellent training make the difference.  Westerville United makes that difference.

How We Make a Difference

Professional, well-trained coaches

Our coaches have coached and played a lot of soccer. They know the sport and they know how to train the younger generation. Our coaches are not volunteer parent coaches but rather experienced (and licensed) coaches that are passionate and constant students of the game. Our coaches know how to bring out the best in each and every player. They teach, they mentor, they foster and they care.

High Level competition

Competition makes the difference. On the playing field, under game conditions, kids see what their age peers are capable of and are motivated to achieve the skills and abilities of their sometimes better competition. When teams play solely against lesser teams, they may have a great win-loss record, but they are not developing . . .they aren’t improving.   Westerville United FC makes sure the leagues our teams play in are competitive for the specific team. Sure, we want to win games, but we also want to challenge our players to be their best. We find the balance by carefully placing each of our teams in the “right” league.


Our teams travel to seek out the better competition. The distances and frequency of travel depend on the specific team. In the older age groups, travel may increase for showcases or higher level league play (State Cup, OSSL, MRL, etc.). For younger teams, travel stays in this area (Columbus & Dayton).

Tournaments are a key component of our program. This is a great time for team bonding and player development. A successful soccer program, to our thinking, can not survive without tournament play and travel. The number of tournaments depends on the age group, level of play required and timing of events. A Premier team may travel to three tournaments a season; while our younger teams may travel once or twice. The vast majority of the tournaments are in or near Ohio although the higher levels may require travel to distances a bit further away.


Our Club is well respected by other Clubs, high school coaches and college coaches. This translates to good things for our players. People in the youth soccer world know our Club, they know we know how to (and do) train and develop players,  and they know that our players are committed. This respect gives our players an edge over the competition.


The Westerville United FC coaches, the WUFC Board and its many volunteer parents are absolutely committed to the Mission of Westerville United FC. We want our players to be the best they can be. This is our promise and commitment to all of our players.

So, do you want to play soccer to the best of your ability? Are you willing to give yourself a push? Do you want to associate with others who also love this sport and work hard to be their best? If so, Westerville United FC is the right place for you.  Welcome!